Mar 16, 2021 | Self-Development

Ever Question Your Box?

Over the past decade, I have helped many individuals create their future.

The reason why therapy often fails is that the therapist is trained to fit their client into hypothetical theories (believed as true) rather than simply working with the individual sitting in front of them.

This limits their (and their client’s) results—because the therapist listens to “what they believe” about the person instead of listening to the person.

The highest expression of diversity exists within the individual—each as unique as their own fingerprint.

Jack van Landingham

In other words, rather than discover how that individual uniquely builds their problem, they put them in a neatly-labeled “box.”

Unfortunately, many clients then choose to construct a life-long personal identity around the limiting little “box” that’s been suggested to them by their “guru.”

But the only time human beings really fit well into boxes is after they’re dead.


Has your imagination been hijacked?

Appeal to Authority (Argumentum Ad Verecundiam) is what’s known as a logical fallacy.

This is when a person claims something must be true simply because it’s said by a so-called “authority” on the subject, but in actuality, it’s untrue.

Note: The brighter and more experienced in life a person is, the more they may question a so-called expert’s opinion.

Self-created health is an art and a science.

Real science is more about curiosity, experimentation, discovery, and learning—and less about dictating what to think.

And the highest form of art is the continual development of your capacity to perceive in an unhabitual way.


© 2021 Jack van Landingham

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