from my clients and students

I was always afraid to fail and doubted my abilities. By working alongside Jack, I could feel my focus sharpening, along with the fear and doubt exiting my mind. I started to live in true alignment with my goals, and was able to block out all negativity by using the tactics Jack practiced with me. By the end of our sessions, I was able to win the Mr. California title in both teen categories all while breathing in a new mentality. I encourage people from all walks of life to experience the knowledge Jack has to offer, especially athletes like myself. Great things don’t happen by accident, and they all start with unlocking the power of your mind.

Matt Ullerick
Teen Mr. California | 5x Bodybuilding Champion

Jack is the real deal!

Carmit Bachar
Multi-Platinum Recording Artist, The Pussycat Dolls

If you want to make a change in your life, little or small, Jack is the man that will help you reach your goals. After one session, I started to see some immediate changes in my life. All the answers to my questions and worries were inside my head, Jack just pointed me in the right direction and gave me the tools for my success. I can say my life has changed dramatically because of this work. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Jack, and all the great things he’s shown me to do with the power of my mind. I’ve seen improvements in every area of my life. My overall mental and physical health has improved tremendously. I’m graduating college this year and have many options on what I want to do after graduation! I’ve learned that the world is what I want it to be, and that there are no limits on this earth except for the boundaries you place on yourself.

Agassi Bagramyan

Jack is truly a master of his field. He helped me identify the root causes of my problems and let go of limiting beliefs. Jack‘s techniques felt playful and fun, yet empowered me to become the master of my own mind and gain new perspective. I recommend working with Jack if you are serious about moving forward and making changes in your life! 

Maya Tenenbaum, PhD

Thanks again, Jack, for everything thus far. It has truly given me such a profound and epicly beautiful shift in the way I approach and handle literally every aspect of my life. Looking forward to continuing to work with you down the road. And excited to start implementing and further ingraining all the endless takeaways into my life.

Stevie Chow

Jack is very calm, patient, empathetic and empowering coach. He is very easy to talk to, which makes the environment of coaching very pleasant. I really enjoyed my sessions with him and could not have made the changes without him.

Jennifer Bitram

Highly recommend Jack’s work. His holistic approach of mind, body and spirit is evident in all the modalities he has mastered. He provided a solid foundation for my growth and healing. I also appreciated his strong masculinity, intellect and focus on long term relationships. I got great results working with Jack and consider him a friend.

Scott Lopez

Jack and Evelyn are the type of teachers that make learning actually fun…they’re like the teachers everyone wished they had in college. I spent two days with them doing the Quantum Touch course and I walked away feeling so happy and accomplished with the new knowledge I had acquired over the weekend! The class size is very intimate (they purposefully keep it small) to allow for more interactions and there isn’t a SINGLE dull moment during the entire class. I love that they know how to keep students engaged with lots of visuals, story-telling, practical applications, examples, etc. I just went for the Quantum Touch but will be back for the NLP and hypnosis! (I didn’t even know what those were before I took the class but honestly, if Jack and Evelyn can teach it as a life skill, it’s probably gonna be awesome.)

Alex Lim
Muscle Activation LA

Highly recommend working with Jack. He is extremely helpful with an uplifting attitude.

Presley Farzam

Jack was one of my instructors for all of the trainings at Center for Advanced Life Skills. He is intuitive, intelligent, humorous, and direct. These are perfect for both teaching and as a life coach.

Frances Nicolais

Thank you again for such an amazing hypnotherapy course! I’m using the skills almost daily with a wide variety of issues and getting excellent results. The work you do truly makes a difference in the world!

Douglas Corrigan, EdD, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Wow! Evelyn and Jack are just freaking phenomenal!!! I took the NLP Practitioner/Coach and Time Line Therapy Practitioner trainings and feel like a completely new woman! Evelyn and Jack are amazing teachers and are so skilled, patient, and kind! They helped me break through years of pain and sadness and really connect with my inner truth (who is happy and bubbly!!!). Their style of teaching is wonderful. I felt like I was truly able to let go and be myself with them. I recommend them 100%!!! Thank you Evelyn and Jack for all of the breakthroughs, for holding space for me, and for allowing me to find the answers to the burning questions within myself. You are the best!

Joy Shapiro

The time I spent under the instruction of Evelyn Wang and Jack van Landingham was nothing less than incredible. The lessons were simple to grasp and expertly taught, truly capturing the meaning of what it means to be a hypnotherapist. Evelyn is a wonderful person and amazingly talented practitioner; Jack is fun and spontaneous, while also a brilliantly deep thinker. Both bring light to the darkness that is the psychological life we lead. Not only do I now have a set of useful skills to aid clients on a daily basis, I have a broader and more developed understanding of the psyche and how it operates. This program helped me to illuminate the lives of those around me and my own. If it wasn’t clear already, you have to do this program!

Ari Tenenbaum

I am so grateful for Evelyn and Jack for providing not only a dynamic comprehensive training, but also for providing a safe space to explore our deeper layers of being. I’m an experienced practitioner with years of knowledge under my belt and their training helped me to gain practical insights and skills that I will easily incorporate into my current practice. I look forward to learning and sharing more!

Dina Saalisi

Outstanding training. Evelyn and Jack each have the spirit of a true healer. Both are also engaging educators. Their hypnotherapy training cuts through the hype and bloat that I see with other trainings. The course focuses on what is truly important and does not waste time on voodoo. The hypnotic and therapeutic techniques taught were straight forward and effective. I say that with confidence because the students got a good deal of experience working with each other as live subjects during the course.

Gordon Isen
Deputy District Attorney

I just finished the NLP and Time Line Therapy course and it was really amazing! This was by far one of the best trainings I’ve attended. I have a doctorate in Psychology and an Educational Therapy office and wanted to add NLP and Time Line Therapy to my practice. I am so happy that I chose this course with Jack and Evelyn! They offer so much excellent information and teach practical skills so that one can apply this knowledge to their own practice, or just use these skills in their everyday life. The both of them are so knowledgeable and do a great job at balancing each other in the instruction. I’m so happy I took this course and just signed up to take the hypnotherapy course with them as well.

Dr. Shannon Kroner

I was suffering with anxiety at work due to a coworker. I found Jack’s life coach skills invaluable as he taught me excellent coping mechanisms which I was able to implement on my return to work. The combined hypnosis sessions helped me to relax and leave the anxiety behind.

Jonathan F.

PHENOMENAL. I took both NLP and hypnotherapy trainings with Jack and Evelyn and am so grateful for such an incredible and intimate training experience. For aspiring coaches or coaches who are looking to become more masterful at their craft, I can’t recommend these guys enough. The content, atmosphere, hands-on practice, and energy were exactly what I needed! I’m ecstatic about the new tools I can bring my clients and I’m happy to say I experienced a breakthrough or two of my own just being in the training. Can’t wait to come back for Master Coach training with them! These guys are the real deal!

Caty Pasternak

The hypnotherapy certification training led by Jack and Evelyn was both educational and experiential, not to mention very fun! I’m a Licensed MFT working with brain injured patients. Adding hypnotherapy to my practice not only advanced my personal learning and growth, but enhanced the therapeutic quality and benefits experienced by my patients. Often, as a result of stroke or other type of brain injury, some patients experience weakness or paralysis on one side of their body. Through hypnosis, for example, one of my patients regained the ability to move a part of his body that had been paralyzed by stroke. This is just one example of the healing properties hypnotherapy can provide. In my practice, I now frequently integrate hypnosis to help patients with other problems such as stress management, anxiety and phobias, and weight loss. I can’t thank Jack and Evelyn enough for their amazing teaching and training!

Maya Rouhi, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Best training I have been to! Great support and kindness! Was amazed how much preparation was put into the trainings. So grateful I got to have the opportunity to participate. I am looking forward to more trainings in the future.

Alexandra Ochoa, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I took Quantum Touch with Jack and Evelyn. This is one of the best trainings that I have ever been to (and trust me – I’ve been to a lot of different types of trainings/seminars over my 30 year + career). It takes a lot of luck to be able to find teachers who are not only skilled at what they do, but able to communicate their teachings in a fun, absorbable way. I didn’t plan on this but I’ll be coming back for the NLP and hypnotherapy trainings soon (doesn’t matter what they’re teaching because honestly, they’re THAT good).

Chat Ketanont, MS
Muscle Activation LA | muscleactivationla.com

My experience with Jack has been extremely rewarding, especially in terms of my professional ambitions. In our sessions, I was able to identify values that best suited me and he provided me with the right guidance and expertise to leverage these for meaningful impacts. Via his trainings and exercises, I have already achieved tangible progress in my career which is something that I’m grateful for every day. Jack is an experienced and knowledgeable mentor who truly cares about his clients’ success – which makes it all the more interesting. If you’re looking for someone who can help get your goals on track, then don’t hesitate to reach out – you won’t regret it. Highly recommended!

Erika Segura
The Sound Bath Studio | thesoundbathstudio.com

I completed NLP training with Jack and Evelyn in April. This was the BEST experience ever! I searched high and low for coaching training and I’m so grateful I chose Center for Advanced Life Skills. The environment is very intimate and these two have the skills and professionalism that made it super-easy to absorb the information. Their guided, hand-on training takes you on a personal journey that evokes the ability to easily access all you learn once you leave the training. Alone, I had some great, life-changing experiences during class. Jack and Evelyn, through their teachings, helped me tremendously! I’m forever grateful for these two! My personal transformation truly placed these learnings at the fingertips of my subconscious mind and will help me better serve my own clients. I advise all to study here. Their teaching method meets the need of every learning style! You will not be disappointed! You will leave empowered, renewed, fearless and ready to be of service! I’m definitely going back for hypnotherapy training!

Cotia Lee

I had been doing hypnosis for years in my own practice, but I wanted the certification so I took the training with Jack and Evelyn, and I learned a lot! I learned new inductions, faster inductions, deepeners, new suggestion techniques, new behaviors to watch for, and so much more. You will be so glad that you took this training, and your clients will love it!

Michelle Kuranishi, PsyD

I completed the Hypnotherapy Certification Training. Excellent! Jack and Evelyn are great teachers. Material is presented clearly and thoroughly. Highly recommend.

David Sutcliffe
Actor (Gilmore Girls) | davidsutcliffe.com

I wanted to thank you for the excellent training. The actual content exceeded my expectations. Not only did I learn some valuable techniques, but also a new way to conceptualize the people with whom I provide services. I found the material to integrate well with my background in clinical psychology and presented theory and practice in a manner that was thorough, succinct, and humanistic…the knowledge base I acquired from it was more than worth the cost of tuition, travel time and attendance.

Eric Yelsa, PhD
Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Utah Hospital

Evelyn and Jack are great teachers and human beings. I was trained by them in NLP and Time Line Therapy! After my training, a whole new world of understandings was open to me and the people around me! I understood myself in many different ways that make my days much better! I recommend everyone to have Evelyn and Jack as therapists and or to do a training with them. I could write a lot more about how the information they gave me is helping me, my family and my clients to grow in ways that before I couldn’t imagine! Thanks! You both are the best!

Rubeth Rizo-Patron

Evelyn and Jack gave a 5 Star class. The atmosphere was great and I learned so much more to take my practice to the next level. Thank you to both instructors to a phenomenal class with a great expansive learning experience.

Tangie Russell, RN
Registered Nurse

Jack and Evelyn’s hypnotherapy training course is exceptional! The course is well designed and the content was delivered in a way that was engaging and fun. The practical experience throughout made me feel confident in my skills upon completion of the course. In addition to learning hypnotherapy content, this course enabled me to accelerate my own personal growth and healing journey. Jack and Evelyn are excellent instructors (and amazing people in general) that genuinely care about you as a person. I am so grateful to have found them and look forward to the next course with them! I highly recommend this course on all accounts.

Tara O’Neil, MEd

I write today as someone who is incredibly pleased with the results and rewards I gained from working with Center for Advanced Life Skills. Jack and Evelyn do a phenomenal job, first and foremost, with screening their potential clients/students. They make sure that their trainings are energetically “in flow” for each person. This is something I found to be so important during my trainings. They are smaller, more intimate classes (6 – 7 people or so), and having a connection with not only your teachers, but the people you’re learning with, is incredibly helpful in retaining information and integrating everything you’re learning. I went on to actually begin my career as a Hypnotherapist/NLP Coach/Recovery Advocate after my education with Jack and Evelyn. I also experienced my own personal breakthrough during one of the trainings—which months later led to me landing a contract with a company I’d been desiring to work with for a year, as well as finding my future husband. (Needless to say, these modalities and tools WORK!) Jack and Evelyn continue to be huge mentors/role models of mine—they are a plethora of knowledge, insight, and wisdom. I am forever grateful for finding Center for Advanced Life Skills, as stumbling across this place quite literally sparked the change in my life that I needed. What I learned internally through being coached, PLUS what I learned as a student/aspiring leader, continue to serve me as I grow and evolve as a wife, mother, female entrepreneur, practitioner, daughter, sister, and woman of her community. Forever grateful to have found Jack and Evelyn.

Katheryn Flanagan

Absolutely amazing. Jack and Evelyn are two hidden gems. I am forever grateful for their guidance and support. I took the Hypnotherapy, NLP Practitioner, and Master Practitioner trainings with them. Yes, they’re that good!!! If you’re looking for some real, world-class training, then Jack and Evelyn are your people. I’ve been to tons of seminars and the intimate setting + information provided + high-level trainer support just doesn’t compare to anything else. The information is very well structured and Jack has awesome graphics he showcases throughout the training. Every single class was not only immersive—with practical skills and knowledge that I took away for my business—but eye-opening for me as an individual. I walked out of there feeling more clear and empowered. Don’t think about it—just take the training!! Thank you Jack & Evelyn!!!

Svetlana Shvartsburd

I highly recommend the Hypnotherapy class. The small group and casual atmosphere made me feel like I was at home learning, very relaxing and fun. Jack and Evelyn are awesome teachers, very knowledgeable in this area. Thank you both for all your teachings, guidance, and patience that you gave to all of us. Thank you both for the care and love that you gave to all of us, I definitely felt it. I will definitely take more classes with you in the future.

Anahi Lecker

What a powerful journey it’s been! Jack van Landingham and Evelyn Wang are the most incredible teachers. I am so grateful!

Ruby Fremon

I want to express my gratitude to both of you for your professionalism; and succinct, informative training. In my personal experience as a professional assisting others through the art of listening, intervening, educating and healing; I found that this training has been one that has impacted me the most—as well as a great tool to assist my patients in impacting their quality of life. I thought that the training was balanced in the sense of teamwork (both perspectives male/female) and in utilizing your personal experience and wealth of knowledge in hypnotherapy. Providing a brief history and implementing concepts—as well as hands-on training—was attuned to my style of learning. The information was not overwhelming, but digestible. I was able to follow easily and your availability to answer questions and clarify concepts was important for me. I would definitely come back if you offer a second level to this training.

Martin Flores, MA
Certified Brain Injury Specialist, Centre for Neuro Skills

I loved my training from Jack and Evelyn. They both have so much knowledge and are true and authentic people. My training was private and intimate. I made friendships with beautiful people. I learned so much. I’m excited to take my NLP Master Practitioner training next year with Jack and Evelyn. I highly recommend Center for Advanced Life Skills!! Thanks guys!

Lindsey Catherine

I did the training with Jack and Evelyn, and couldn’t have been happier. My main focus was to learn more about how we each develop our mindsets, and how I can greater influence my own, and I learned that, and so much more. Best part was how intimate the group was, which allowed for lots of questions and learning. Jack and Evelyn are totally available to make sure you get everything you want out of the training, and are amazing therapists / coaches — both to work with, and to learn from. I’m grateful for this experience.

Brandon Hakim

I completed the Hypnotherapist Certification Training in February 2016. Evelyn and Jack were amazing. They made the training fun, light-hearted, yet very rigorous. They created an effective learning environment. I would definitely take more trainings with them, and highly recommend their programs.

Monique Evans, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I just completed hypnotherapy certification training with Jack and Evelyn and highly recommend it. I had previously tried to do some of this training online and that just didn’t work for me—this is something you need to learn and practice in person. Our training was not only VERY informative but also lots of fun! Jack and Evelyn keep on pace to make sure you get everything you need and they inject humor and compassion into the time too. They are both thoughtful, insightful and professional trainers with a lovely likability. I had previously taken the Quantum Touch training and have a feeling I’ll be back for NLP soon!

Rachel Julie Adams

Jack and Evelyn are the best! I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in hypnotherapy, NLP and just knowledge in general. They are very thorough and it is easy to tell that they are truly passionate about their profession. looking forward to future workshops and trainings with these two!

Leeran Goldin

I took the Hypnosis Course with Jack and Evelyn in October. I absolutely loved it. I attended a different Hypnotherapy College before taking this course. This was a much better fit for me. The casual atmosphere versus the business casual dress code. The small class size vs. the masses. The 7 days vs. 12 months. The professional binders provided for us vs. online material that you print out yourself. I attended two lectures on The Milton Model at the other school and I left totally confused. After one lesson at Center for Advanced Life Skills, I totally understood it. The course is well thought out, modern, and presented in a logical sequence that is easy to follow. I truly appreciate the no-nonsense approach that Jack and Evelyn have. They don’t prolong the course with filler material. They teach you what hypnosis is, how to use various inductions, how to speak to the unconscious mind, and how to legally work with your clients, all with funny real-life stories. The days fly by as they keep the class interesting the entire way through. They are genuine and down-to-earth people. The environment is peaceful, relaxed, and cozy. I appreciated the aromatherapy and blankets. The class size is small and you get time to practice your skills in a piece by piece way with each lesson building upon the other. I enjoyed getting direct feedback with each skill practice session. We were a class of three so we took turns being the hypnotherapist and client while Jack and Evelyn observed and were there to help if anyone got stuck. The final day culminated with us taking a “client” through a complete session from start to finish. Everyone was able to do it with confidence. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning hypnosis either for personal use or for professional practice.

Beverly Dunbar

Thank you Evelyn and Jack for providing a fun and safe space to learn the fundamentals of hypnotherapy! I enjoyed the wealth of information shared specially the standards and best practices around business, ethics, legalities, workflow and technology. Most of all, as subject matter experts for over a decade, I value your mentorship and unique insights in the field. As a a result of taking your course, I am confident in my abilities to grow as a budding hypnotherapist. I am also excited to explore the resource list you provided. I look forward to taking your NLP course in the near future.

Manuel Falcon Padua

I couldn’t be where I’m at in my career with out Evelyn and Jack. They are so informative. They even answer my questions almost a year after schooling has finished. I’m now opening an office and writing weekly and monthly advice columns for both international and local papers. They helped hone my skills and confidence. Truly one of the best decisions I’ve made. If I lived closer I for sure would take more classes from them. Thank you both!

Laura Rowell

Evelyn and Jack are amazing teachers. They are willing to go the extra mile in everything they do and always perform in the most professional way. The Hypnotherapy Certification training is very specific and right to the point. The methodology they use is based on theory and then a lot of practice which is what I liked the most. The fact that they have small groups is a perfect way to have a personalized learning experience. It not only provided me with the skills I was looking for, but also helped me heal some old stuff. The materials used and the place are a perfect combination for the class. This training is not only an intense and experiential way to learn hypnotherapy, but also a way to heal and transform for good the trainees life. I definitely have new life skills I will cherish for life. Highly recommended!

Mario Gerardino

The training was informational, enjoyable, easy to learn and understand. I liked that the class was small and personable. I really liked that you made the information practical and easy to apply. I enjoyed all the practice we did in class with my fellow hypnotherapists and the guidance you provided us throughout. I valued the experiences and tips that you shared with us because they will be of great help to me in my private practice. I was truly impressed by your level of knowledge and professionalism and I would be more than happy to refer my fellow colleagues and friends who are interested in learning hypnosis or NLP to the Center for Advanced Life Skills.

Linda Mandozai, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I completed the NLP Practitioner training with Jack and Evelyn and I would give 6 stars if there was the opportunity! Amazing program, amazing teachers, and great environment. I’ll definitely recommend them.

Alessia Botturi

In the past decade, I’ve completed numerous training courses and learned valuable skills and techniques, but I have to admit that NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy® trainings are, most likely, the most important things I’ve ever done in my life. Before attending the training I was hesitant, as I didn’t know exactly what to expect. But now, after witnessing the results and differences in both my personal and professional life (especially after taking the NLP Master Practitioner certification training), I feel grateful and proud to say that I made the right decision by choosing the Center for Advanced Life Skills. I was lucky to study with Evelyn Wang and Jack van Landingham, who are both highly qualified, professional and the most generous trainers I’ve ever had. And their kindness, patience and wittiness made the learning experience lots of fun!

Suzana Sekulouska Sanguy

I wish I could convey the value of these courses through this testimonial so that everyone can see how beneficial, inspiring, and life-changing they are. Jack and Evelyn guide you in becoming aware of the power you have to change yourself and your outlook on any circumstance. I saw immediate results in both my work and personal life through the application of my learnings. Thank you, Jack and Evelyn, you’ve made a lasting impact for my life. I will carry your guiding influences with me through every walk of life.

Gary Colon

I have nothing but positive things to say about Evelyn, Jack, and the content and quality of their training. I just completed the Hypnotherapist Certification Training. The learning environment is fantastic, and I’m more than confident in the skills I’ve attained. As far as I’m concerned, the balance between theory and hands-on practice was perfect. I’d encourage anyone interested in learning hypnosis, or one of their other programs, to contact them. I’ll definitely be returning for further trainings. Thank you so much.

Marc Cooper

I completed the hypnotherapy course with Jack and Evelyn, two very helpful and patient instructors. I learned so much from them and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Can’t wait to take more classes!

Annie Su

This training has changed my life. I shall always be grateful to have spent the time and money for this wonderful experience with Jack and Evelyn. It’s had a huge impact on every part of my life, and I can’t recommend them, or their training highly enough. The atmosphere was relaxed, the information wasn’t too overwhelming and just felt easy and fun. I have felt like a happier human being since I did this, what more can I say? A big THANK YOU to both of you!

Lorraine Wilkinson

If you have any doubts on whether or not their Hypnotherapy training is enough to teach you hypnosis, allow them to dissolve and sign up for this course. I thoroughly enjoyed the training they offer. Jack and Evelyn, both former teachers at Hypnosis Motivation Institute, were wonderful teachers who created a comfortable learning environment. The course was recently revamped and, while I can’t speak on the previous version, the one that I just took was incredible at teaching multiple hypnotic methods and some Neuro-Linguistic Programming fundamentals. Therefore, I’d recommend this course to anyone with little knowledge of hypnosis, those who already practice hypnosis, and those who’ve taken the course in the past. I’m very excited to take the NLP course next.

Presley Farzam

The class was rewarding on many different levels. The energy was welcoming and the instructors Evelyn and Jack are so kind and some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, their professionalism is of high standard and it keeps you wanting more of what they offer. I look forward to taking some of their other classes. I recommend learning from them they hold a lot of knowledge. Thank you both!

Maria Adame

I really enjoyed it. There were certain aspects that I found especially fascinating. Your blend of knowledge and common sense were astounding. You explained everything with great clarity, and always with a great measure of common sense. You were not afraid to share your knowledge with us in all honesty and straightforwardness. I found your class very valuable and I saw new aspects because of your method of teaching. Thank you so much for a wonderful class.

Regina Dell’Oro

What a life changing and re-energizing experience. From the first day of class, I learned to implement small changes to myself and my business. The changes that Jack and Evelyn made me aware of from their expertise has allowed me to connect not only to my clients; but to my wife, kids and friends. Just sitting back and being able to read and understand people and respond in their model of the world has allowed my business to expand and make more money. I am truly grateful for you. You guys are blessed with a great skill set, and I look forward to taking more courses in the upcoming months. Love you guys.

Ayden Masudi
President, College Planning Solutions

Whether you’re a professional seeking to add more modalities to your practice, or you’re looking for a change in career, I highly recommend the exceptional trainings at Center for Advanced Life Skills for a solid foundation. I acquired more practical understanding here than I did at another school that I attended for an entire year—at a much higher cost! I also got more here than I did from a “big name” NLP training I went to. The trainers, Jack and Evelyn, not only believe in what they do, they obviously love what they do as well, which made for a fun and authentic learning experience. And by applying some of the unique things I learned, I more than doubled my income! I assure you, you will NOT be disappointed.

Marie Valdez, CHt

Thank you for the most incredible course in hypnotherapy last month. You both are so talented and I so appreciate your outlook on life. I wonder if you put a suggestion in our minds to love you forever? LOL, seems like it.

Sara Pelton

Jack and Evelyn do a fantastic job of presenting a ton of material in a very understandable and digestible way. They have a real expert understanding of the material and are passionate in approach. I highly recommend the Hypnotherapist Certification Training course.

Mark Anderson

The NLP Training is an invaluable skill set that positively changed me and the way I practice. I was skeptical about Time Line Therapy, however it’s a very natural technique that produces fast results. I’ve learned how to help others shed limiting beliefs and emotions. The NLP training includes many tools that I began using right away. Besides that, now I listen differently, and feel a stronger connection with my clients and other people. Jack and Evelyn are engaging and knowledgeable teachers that made learning NLP easy and fun.

Maxine Jurgens

The event was truly amazing. Additionally, I personally had a big transformation on certain undesirable habits. When I got back to work, I used my new skills and increased my income in just the first day. Your entire program has paid off by 10 times the investment I made, just in the first few days of work. I can’t wait to attend all your other advanced training programs.

Brian Safdari
President, College Planning Experts

Exceeded expectations! I am forever changed by the clarity received from this experience. Jack and Evelyn helped me understand that the “lie” that we tell ourselves, soon develops a partnership with the truth. This unconscious relationship marries our experience and gives birth to the very darkness that we spend a life time avoiding. I’ve learned that depression, guilt, anger, fear and anxiety are like scratched lenses that limit or cloud my vision, purpose and perception… Jack and Evelyn were able to illustrate the importance of terrain; giving me the unconscious ability and resources needed to access my authentic self, resulting in a powerful, mindful, empathic and emotional connection… Explosive! I now have a reference for the unknown and a voice that guides my reason and belief in my military clients.

Sammie Tibbs
United States Marine Corp, Retired

It was fun and exciting to attend each class, as it was full of new information, practical examples, and engaging practice. Learning these life changing techniques was a great experience that I highly recommend to everyone, as it becomes valuable in our everyday living. It’s also for anyone who seeks quick and permanent results for their clients.

Erika Segura, CHt

I would recommend the Center for Advanced Life Skills to anyone interested in the disciplines of change work and healing. Evelyn and Jack are excellent trainers, the venue is kept nice and small (around 6 to 8 people) so that the trainers themselves can help out when you get get stuck on something.

Chester Whisler

Great! Class was amazing. I learned so much about how to coach future clients. Jack and Evelyn are amazing teachers, super patient, and teach the concepts easily.

Monish Subherwal

Wow – what a great, great two days. The class was so full, and taught me so much! I really appreciate all the insight you shared about helping clients and all the tools you gave us. You both were so full of love and kindness. Your class helped me feel more comfortable and safe in my own strengths. I loved the practices and I loved your input into them…It was real life, and the tools and tips you gave were really useful to help us when we are on our own. I thank you for your generosity in sharing these useful tips…I had such a great time, I felt like I was far away in a seminar and felt blessed that we could share this all together. It was a perfect group spirit, and I learned so much. I feel much freer about speaking up and saying what I am feeling. Both of your feedback and examples from your own sessions were helpful and gave me confidence in myself. Thank you again. I am very, very grateful to you both and hope we can do some things together. Your other classes are appealing to me. I love the way you integrate them all.

Laurie Armer

I was skeptical at first whether to take NLP or not. I do lots of negotiation and persuasion, and I’m an expert on body language. After taking NLP, I’m now a ‘baller’ in the field. They don’t just teach you techniques, but what makes the techniques work and why.

Ehab Wazir

After many hours of research, I decided to go with the Center for Advanced Life Skills. My experience was excellent. My four classmates were and are wonderful people to work with. Jack and Evelyn were very professional, yet welcoming and most informative. All in all I would highly recommend this course, as I have done to my close friends. Thank you Jack and Evelyn.

Adam Chiplinsky

Thank you so much for everything. It has been a wonderful experience … the class was GREAT and the teachers even better!

Janni Mortensen

Thank you for a great Master Practitioner training. It was fun and thorough. Jack and Evelyn were generous and knowledgeable—they made sure we really understood the material. The class size was just right—highly recommended for NLP Practitioners to take their skills to the next level!

Dave Petzold, CHt

Amazing! Jack is a wonderful, passionate, knowledgeable, and inspirational teacher!

Traysiah Spring, CHt

You and Evelyn are simply amazing! That 2-day workshop just brought everything together for me…not only for Quantum-Touch…but in so many areas and on so many levels. To just say it was powerful doesn’t quite hit the mark either, but it was truly life-changing in that I feel a marked shift inside of me! I can’t thank you enough for holding the safe space that you did in your lovely office. You and Evelyn both have such a wonderful way of making people feel so welcome, relaxed, and completely safe! And your slide presentations were excellent…so professional, clear, and helpful in explaining the concepts. And of course we were all so grateful to receive so many tools in the form of handouts, quotes, links, books, films, etc. that you so generously shared and we can now add to our toolbox! You went above and beyond to maximize our learning experience and it is so very much appreciated!

Judy Hersch

The training offered by Jack and Evelyn was perfectly packaged. Small class, very interactive, lots of practice and a thorough education. What more could I ask for? I enjoyed this training and feel it well prepared me.

Vickie Tabb

Wow! The training has brought me to a new understanding of energy healing. Jack and Evelyn’s personal and professional method of coaching and training has such powerful results. It has sparked a light within me to embrace my calling in serving others. You learn as much about yourself as you do about energy healing. I am looking forward to mastering all the tools available in these courses.

Eduardo Romero

Extremely comfortable classroom mixed with very high-tech graphics combined with a very small class made for a perfect training intensive. 
Excited to add this fun and worthwhile practice, and I look forward to helping people on a deep level! I highly recommend this training method and people, a couple of nice hotels within walking distance too.

Barbra Mousouris

If you want to see the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine flow; register for the Hypnotherapy Certification, pay the dough … You’ll come away with control and insight to your own internal blocks; empowering of the unconscious mind to recalibrate, expand and unlock … You’ll learn theory, practice and master hypnotic technique; while having fun, lifting your vibrations, aligning left/right brain, lifting unconscious mind mystique … You’ll learn to hypnotize yourself to gain insight into the force of you; attaining goals by removing lingering doubt, blame and ‘fear of success’ taboos … These two are at work teaching in perfect yin and yang; wait until you encounter the therapeutic expertise and healing power of Evelyn Wang … Jack van Landingham is the human form of an electronic encyclopedia; he gave us valuable lectures, resources in print, video, digital media … Combined, they are info-rich master teachers; imparting life-changing knowledge to serious seekers … If you’ve been called to hypnotherapy work, sign up now—don’t hesitate. You have no idea the gems here ready to receive—life does not wait! … I am thrilled I heeded this course calling; I see the expanse, success ahead, all perceived obstacles falling … All these words just to say, thank you, thank you for my Hypnotherapy Certification last Sunday!

Stephanie Salt

An amazing energetic experience! The tools I learned to run energy for intentional healing was so exciting to feel and I can’t wait to start using my new knowledge of Quantum-Touch. You two are amazing individuals and the duo dynamic is so awesome. Thank you both and I hope to see you in another class soon!

Amora Grinan

It was such a pleasure to meet such fantastic, like-minded people! I love Quantum-Touch and have a better understanding of how to draw upon it for healing my friends and family and, perhaps, people drawn to me for that purpose. Thanking you so much for teaching me this wondrous skill! I will always treasure it!

Carol Danforth, RN
Registered Nurse

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